Welcome to Spantree International Schools

SpantreeChildren House, a division of Spantree International School, a place of imagination and creativity an environment that has the tone and texture of childhood; a place filled with warmth, smiles and hugs and an abundance of great conversations. Russell Children House was first registered in 2007 as Spantree International School.

We first opened officially to the public as a school in April 2010 and has ever since triumphantly increase in number and capabilities to potentials.

The curricilum integrates the best of the British and Nigerian curricula to form the Spantree Curriculum.


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Happy Environment

To create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all members of the school community can grow in confidence and develop their full potential.

Equal Opportunity

Meet the needs of all children in the local community regardless of ethnic heritage, social, or economic background, gender, ability or disability.

Montessori Principles

"The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his/her own experiences...By Maria Montessori